Inmate’s Testimony

In his own words, Jason Williams, Canadian County jail inmate

Hello, my name is Jason Williams and the following is my testimony: At a young age my only inspiration came from my Grandma Bertie.  She believed in Jesus and lived for God daily.  I hardly ever got to spend much time with her before she passed away in 1995.  My childhood was full of hate on my father’s part.

Drugs and alcohol have always been in my life.  I had to witness abuse as a child and never had a good role model.  It led me to use drugs at a young age.  Growing up with divorced parents was hard but it was better than when they were married.  When I was young and living with my mother, I met a friend named David Clark.  He was my best friend.  He was the first person to invite me to church.

Although my mother went to church a little while she was trying to get away from my dad, I never connected with God.  When I went to church with my friend I got saved and felt God in my life.  I enjoyed it for a couple of years.  I was age 10 to 12, but I started experimenting with weed and I fell away from Christ.  I got into drugs and drinking a lot as a teen and even tried meth.

I wanted to have fun and to get high.  Everything went downhill slowly but downhill none the less.  I got into trouble with the cops, ended up in foster homes and boot camp.  When I was 16 I got out of my second foster home and went home, but before long I was back on drugs.

When I was 17 I had my first child.  A beautiful baby boy, Christopher Lee Williams, that passed away at one month and four days old.  I lost myself.  I felt God hated me and His punishment was to take my son away.  I blamed God and got strung out on meth.

I had no hope of living a good life.  The life of drugs and sin became my life style.  I later had more kids, two boys and a girl.  I was still using drugs and I had run ins with DHS and eventually I quit meth and that life style.

I ended up in county jail in El Reno, Oklahoma, for possession with intent to distribute facing ten years in prison.  Well, I picked up a Bible and spent four months reading and studying.  Then OJPM Chaplain Rodney French led me back to Jesus.  It felt so great.  I was trying to live a better life, a Christian life.  I bonded out of jail and went to church every Wednesday and Sunday.  I was working with a Christian man, Charles Miller.  I was even attending Celebrate Recovery.

I could not keep my lawyer due to lack of money and ended up with a warrant.  Not wanting to go back to jail and prison, I went on the run.  I started selling drugs and never stayed in one place too long.  Through all this I still felt a calling to go back to church.  Every church I saw I wanted to walk in and pray for forgiveness but being on drugs I could not bring myself to do it.

Eventually I got caught and was on my way to prison.  I have been studying the Word since I came back to jail.  I accepted a plea bargain for eight years in Department of Corrections custody.  Here I am 30 years old and in prison.  I have been locked up for two years now, but to be honest I would not change anything.

I now know that God allowed the trials in my life to bring me closer to Him.  I got baptized in September of 2015 and I fully feel God’s love in my life.  I would not go back to my old lifestyle knowing what I know now.

I know that trials may not lead you to where you want to go, but there is a greater purpose behind the trials.  Once we learn about Jesus Christ and how He sacrificed His life for the world’s sins, everything else seems petty.  We are meant for a higher purpose, God’s purpose.  Sometimes trials are necessary for us to find hope in this lost world.

I love my new life as a Christian.  I know that it is not easy to give your life over to God, but I can tell you it is worth it.  I hope it does not take as much as it took me for you to come to Christ.  I pray for the world daily.  I pray for drug addicts especially.

I have lived the struggle.  Through Christ I now have no cravings for drugs.  I can step into the world full of hope.  I know I am a child of the Most High God.  I know that He has a path laid out for me that He needs me to take to do His will.  All the strength I have is due to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Jason Williams

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