Ministry Philosophy of Oklahoma Jail & Prison Ministries (OJPM)

OJPM is wrapped around three doctrines:

Reconciliation – II Corinthians 5:18-20.  We are seeking the reconciliation of those separated from God because of sin directing them to the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Transformation – Romans 12:1-2. Through the study of God’s Word in our English and Spanish Bible studies, we introduce the disciple to approximately 12,000 Scriptures.  Using the absolute truth of God’s Word, the Holy Spirit transforms the believer into the image of Christ.  Upon completion of the basic Bible studies, the disciple begins his/her journey through advance studies written by various Christians.  Upon release or transfer, we encourage the young Christian to join a Christ-centered Bible study in the prison system or in a local church.

Destination Character is OJPM’s discipleship study that assists the young  believer understand the transforming grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Restoration – Galatians 6:1.  We seek through collaboration with other ministries and the local church to restore the young believers in our Lord to their family, church, and community.

Our approach to ministry within the facility that God has entrusted to us is a one on one gender specific encounter with those incarcerated.  Our trained volunteer chaplains meet with an inmate for twenty minutes to an hour to listen to his/her story and guide them to the saving grace of the Lord Jesus.  For the Christian inmate, the volunteer chaplains seek to guide the inmates in the principles of God’s Word.  We know that we are not the one that can “fix” their life situation or dismiss their actions but the Lord Jesus, as John states, is full of grace and truth.  As Paul stated, we came among you knowing Jesus and His crucifixion.  Jesus is the only one that can reconcile, transform and restore.


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